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Primary School Support

We are a family group of primary consultants and practising teachers, pulling on the wealth of experience of not only ourselves, but other teachers we work closely with.  We ensure we use tried and tested lessons using a variety of fun, active ideas with learning at the heart. Many resources are always provided with the courses and are also available to purchase separately as downloads.


The Teach Hub is the family trade name of Hubbard Consultancy Limited and is a local business set up by Claire Hubbard.  Claire is a Primary Teacher and Primary Teacher Consultant. She started teaching in 1988 and has had a wealth of experience across numerous schools including Key Stage lead and Deputy Head Teacher. She has worked as a Primary Maths Consultant for Stoke-on-Trent and as a Primary English Consultant for Staffordshire. Claire is currently working part-time in her own Year 2 class and focuses on English Reading and Writing skills.  She delivers her own English training to Primary teachers and Teaching Assistants across the UK including Staffordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedford, Manchester and Derbyshire as a freelance consultant: focusing on SPaG, Moderation, Phonics and of course, Whole Class Reading.  She also works as a KS1 and KS2 Moderator, with her own Year 2 class recently being moderated.   Much of her spare time is now taken up developing resources and courses!

Amy Hubbard is an experienced Primary School teacher in Staffordshire.  She uses a variety of texts to plan units of work to blend reading and writing in her English lessons and has extremely positive lesson observations, including from OFSTED 2017.  She has had recent experience working internationally in a private British School and is now working full time in Year 6.  She also develops resources for the website.



Useful Websites compiled by Chris Birch.


Updates & Resources

Useful Information

Pobble 365

Once Upon a Picture

Phonics Tracker

Updates & Resources

Useful Information

 Key Stage One Texts 

compiled by Natalie Wilcox

Texts for KS1 compiled by Natalie Wilcox.  Each text has example pages and links to authors and other similar books.  A valuable 'go to' resource for any KS1 classroom.


Great free Literacy Resources: Wordsearches, shape words, anagrams, etc

Letters and Sounds: Smartkids

Easy to follow, free leaflet for the Letters and Sounds progression. Additional SPaG information will be available from October 2017.

Client Testimonials

"... highly knowledgeable and extremely approachable.

...Staff trust her and we are confident that she will continue to develop their skills. ...Moderation advice given by Claire was clear, accurate and helpful. ”

Mrs Helen Shepherd
Headteacher at the Royal School for the Deaf, Derby.

"... meticulous in the planning and execution of her lessons which inspire all her pupils to give only their best.  

...encourages those who find difficulties or who are secure in their understanding. 

...fair and firm with the children and equally at ease with teaching adults. 

...helpful, friendly and approachable."

Mrs Pam Farnsworth
Retired Maths Teacher

"...has an appetite for children to succeed

...gave my boys  a strong education,

...moved one of my twins from average to a desire to learn and excelling.

...the other twin calls working with Mrs Hubbard "another world".

...flourished with confidence.

...builds trust with her students.

A wonderful, incredibly talented teacher."

 Marie Mellor

Parent of twins

Client Testimonials

Author's Journals in Key Stage Two

  • Staff use them to 'bank' subject specific vocabulary as well as log ideas from the text which they are reading at the time.

  • Encourages the discussion of word classes

  • The students have been very enthusiastic about them and feel that they are a special tool to help them 'write better'

  • These journals have become as important to the English lesson as the use of a dictionary or thesaurus and are an effective and valued tool.

Alison Gutteridge, 

Head of English

Penkridge Middle School,


Author's Journals in Key Stage Two

Throughout the Key Stage, Author's Journals encourage our children to investigate language by giving them a space to record unfamiliar words that they can use in their own written work.


Crucial to achieving Greater Depth in Y6, Author's Journals focus children to think clearly about how they can emulate authors and hone technique.

Author's Journals encourage children to think critically about what they are reading by identifying what makes something a successful piece of writing (both in terms of language and overall structures).

Mr Paul Newton,

Year 6 teacher,

Chancel Primary School,


Whole Class Reading Planning

The plans are great - very easy to follow and thorough.

Evidence gathered is very clear and helps staff with assessment.

Really makes a difference across all of the range of abilities.

The texts are easily presented, and come with all the resources you will need to teach the lessons.

Challenge activities are always supplied to allow children to stretch themselves.  

All objectives are covered and so prepares well for moderation or SATS. 

Great text choices that the children love!  I would highly recommend buying this complete planning and the progress my class have made since using it is the final reassurance I need! Thank you Claire! .


Laura Gardiner and Angela Whitney 

Year 2

St Michael's First School, Stone




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