Judith Kerr - I have used and loved her books for years and was thrilled to see it back 'in fashion' at Christmas time. I remember reading these books to my girls when they were little and they loved them.  In school, I have used Mog books to focus on spellings! With Year One in mind, one of their spelling focuses is learning suffixes, with one being -ed.

I first taught this in 1989 to my Yr 2 class using Letterland (anyone else use Letterland?) and although I now don't agree with a lot of their methods to teach phonics, the way they taught spellings tended to stick.  The three sounds that the suffix -ed makes (d, id, t) can be investigated within the text.  Once the children are familiar with the text through talking, shared reading, modelling and so on, they can become -ed detectives.  With three children each wearing an -ed headband that says d, t or id, they pupils can find words in the text that end in -ed, copy them onto post-its and hand them to the right child (e.g. climbed (d), jumped (t) or wanted (id).

Next, the post-its can all be put on the floor, muddled up.  Each child picks one up at random and says their word. out loud, over and over again.  As they say the word out loud, they get into groups with anyone else who has the -ed suffix that sounds the same, still repeating their word.  The teacher then checks each child is in the right place before doing it all over again.  Great fun: noisy, active and pacey with lots of reading! They will be smiling...


Oliver Jeffers books are fantastic for this age group.  I have used both Lost and Found and Up and Down with young children.  With this text, I have worked on finding nouns (what?) and then verbs (what are they doing?) from one of the pictures. The children then put a noun (subject) and a verb into an oral sentence based on the text.  When they have practised this and have got used to the terminology and are orally confident, they then get to write their favourite sentence and colour code the two word classes.  When this is done repeatedly, orally or written, they soon get used to writing full sentences with a subject and a verb, always insisting on using accurate punctuation at the same time. 


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August 10, 2018

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