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I have a partner!  What an addition to the team - Mrs Tracey Parton, former English Consultant for Staffordshire and former Headteacher, is now working alongside me to produce a range of new courses for the next academic year. 


We decided to start by looking at two new texts, thinking what we would do with them with our classes, within a single unit of work. We contacted two authors via Twitter, who are both happy for us to showcase their work, and we are now pleased to announce that they are 'ready to roll!'  


Each course provides every attendant with a copy of the text, the planning and all the resources - both for incidental and end of unit outcomes, Whole Class Reading task sheets and links to other areas of the curriculum - using 'Just One Text'. 


Key Stage One - Between Tick and Tock by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay (2018).


What a fantastic picture book we found to work with!  A beautiful story about a girl stopping the rush and hustle of a city by stopping the clock at 4pm.  The art work is amazing and we have developed a whole range of vocabulary to use in Whole Class and Guided Reading to support the teaching of the reading domains.   We have used a set of fantastic 'hooks' to entice the learning and have used the wonderful messages in the book to motivate both reading and writing.  Have a look at the text if you have not already seen it. 




Beautiful illustrations by Ashling Lindsay.






































Key Stage Two - A Stone for Sascha by Aaron Becker

This is breathtaking!

I pre-ordered this book in February and it was not delivered until July, but it really was worth every single minute of waiting for.  If you are a fan of 'Journey', 'Quest' and 'Return' by Aaron Becker - you will absolutely love this.  It is an enchanting and achingly beautiful wordless epic with a strong message to help with love and loss. Again, we have produced planning, reading and writing ideas all the way through the book that can be adapted and edited for any KS2 class.  We have included Whole Class Reading resources linked to the Literacy Shed's VIPERS and the National Curriculum reading domains. There are also many, many opportunities to include other areas of the curriculum - music, drama, art, science, history and geography.  Don't forget to look at the maps inside the front and back covers!
















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